The Don Burger @Victoria Park

The Don Burger
1 Leonard Street, Victoria Park, WA
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Simply cannot deny the fact that I am such an absent-minded person.

It was supposed to be the day of excitement because we finally decided to visit The Don Burger. Alright, I have to admit another fact that I have horrible sense of direction and that’s why I have to rely on GoogleMap. GoogleMap showed the correct location of The Don Burger and we were just standing right at the location tag. But I still couldn’t see the restaurant sign. Just right at the moment we almost pissed off, I was noticed that “The Don Burger pops up on Wed-Fri” and today is Sat. Whoops! At last, I was pissed off.

Okay, but today, we improvised to revisit it again and to say bye to our lovely matcha crepe cake because it was the last day on their dessert menu. Undoubtedly, we ordered their famous dishes: (i) Corn Crunch chicken bites (ii) Ramen burger; (iii) Trio Bao; (iv) Matcha crepe cake. Overall, it is a worth to dine in the Don Burger. Services are nice; reasonable price with good food. And most importantly, it is a comfort place to dine in.

(1) Corn Crunch Chicken Bites:
Unexpectedly awesome! Crispy on the outside but tender meat on the inside. It tastes even yummier when you dip it with sweet chilli herb sauce.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Corn Crunch Chicken Bites – $6

(2) Ultimate Cow:
ramen burger, filled with gimmicks but I’m not impressed hahahaa. That ramen tastes a bit weird to me and it’s hard to eat all the elements in one bite. But the beef is actually quite nice.

Ultimate Cow - Double beef, tasty cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, Don-mayo, bacon, egg ($13)
Ultimate Cow – Double beef, tasty cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, Don-mayo, bacon, egg ($13)

(3) The Bao Trio:
quite a reasonable price because if you order then one by one, it costs you $6 per each. So why not order a trio and have a taste of all different bao. They may not be the best bao in town but still worth a try. I found this unexpectedly because I kinda like that Sang Choi Bao’s Bao. I normally do not like this flavor actually.

Trio Bao ($15) – Char Siu Bao/ Crispy Cheeky Bao/ Sang Choi Bao’s Bao

(4) Matcha Crepe Cake:
not a big fan of matcha and crepe cake. That’s why i have no idea what is a “good” matcha crepe cake. But my friend said it was good. The cake is kinda soft as well. It won’t be too sweet but I just feel like the taste of matcha is not strong enough.

Matcha Crepe Cake
Matcha Crepe Cake ($9)

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