Palsaik Namoo @ Perth CBD

Palsaik Namoo
580 Hay Street, Perth, WA

Definitely one of my favorite Korean BBQ restaurant in Perth! Just a warm reminder: try to get there early so to put your name on the waiting list. The place is spacey though for large amount of people but then it gets crowded very fast. So, try not to go there during peak hour. Everytime i go there is about 6 o’clock, so probably just wait 10-15mins only. But this one is definitely worth the wait. I ordered the same food whenever I go there. Simply cannot stop myself from loving it: (i) Marinated slice cube roll; (ii) Palsaik set: 8 colorful flavors of pork

(i) Marinated slice cube roll:
The beef marinated perfectly, with the fat evenly distributed in every slice of beef. Highly recommended :p

Marinated slice cube roll ($16.5)
Marinated slice cube roll ($16.5)

(ii) Palsaik set:
Pay with a reasonable price then you can get 8 different flavors of pork belly and Seafood soybean paste stew. Such a worth, isn’t it? The pork belly are quite tender and juicy as well. But remember to eat with the lettuce, and the sauces that the staffs have given to you so that you won’t find the pork belly too oily.

Palsail set: 8 colourful flavors of pork ($59.8)
Palsaik set: 8 colourful flavors of pork ($59.8)

That seafood soybean paste stew is so nice when you eat with the rice. But i am not sure is it a proper way to eat for Koreans. Anyways, it is not so spicy so those who cannot eat too hot, can still give it a try!

Palsaik set ($59.8) : Seafood soybean paste stew

One of the Korean BBQ restaurant that I am willing to go for thousand times. Most of the time, the staffs are quite attentive and help you to cook the food. They serve the food very quickly so you can stay hungry and reserve your space for pork belly. Anyways, I just love everything of this Korean BBQ restaurant.

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