Gami Chicken and Beer @Perth CBD

Gami Chicken and Beer
3B Shafto Lane, Perth CBD, Perth

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I’ve been craving for Korean food for about a week, something tasty but also special. It seems like fate is making a move? There is a new Korean restaurant opened in CBD. Their menu is kinda different from the normal one we used to have in other Korean restaurants in Perth. Not only the Korean rice cakes or pancakes, they also have some special dish like cheese corns etc. Being as a cheese fan, I thought i should definitely give it a go because you can find many “cheese” on the menu. Alright, so actually I’ve been to there twice. So for the first time, I had gathered five of my friends together, including me to go to this newly opened restaurant because I really got a lot to try hahahaaaaa; and for the second time, I actually ordered the same food without Tteok bok ki but 2 persons only.

(i) Corn cheese:
It didn’t really impressed me with the first bite, but then, when i went there for the second time, oh my god, it was so good! Large amount of cheese, together with the corn. I feel like I’m flying to the heaven.

Corn cheese ($9.8)
Corn cheese ($9.8)

(ii) Tteok Bok Ki:
Well, this is a bit spicy to me and what i don’t really like was that this dish isn’t really all about Ttoek Bak Ki, but spicy noodle, fish cake etc. After a moment of competing of food, no more Tteok Bok Ki left -_-  I would actually prefer a larger portion of tteok bok ki.

Tteok Bok Ki ($14)
Tteok Bok Ki ($14)

(iii) Gami fried chicken:
Alright, so I ordered sweet chilli and soy garlic sauce to dip with the original fried chicken. But then I found that original tastes much better than dipping sauces. So crispy on the outside but tender on the inside, woohoooo~~

Gami original whole chicken flavored ($34)
Gami wings ($16) + Sweet chilli and soy garlic sauce

(iv) Potato heaven:
Sour cream is definitely adding points to this dish, it really feels like you’re in the heaven. Add more sour cream with mashed potato and the wedges, this will be awesome!

Potato heaven ($14.5)
Potato heaven ($14.5)

Overall, their services are pretty nice as well (the boss is actually so cute to chat with haha), so do the environment. What I really like the most is that when you enter the restaurant, you really feel like you’re in Korea. The design of the outdoor area makes you feel more comfortable especially when you’re drinking beer and chatting with your friends. Anyways, all the things inside the restaurant are really impressive for diners to chill over the place. LOVE it so much 🙂


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