Is Donburi @Northbridge

Is Donburi
10/189 William Street,Northbridge, Perth, WA

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My favorite Japanese restaurant in town, together with yummy food (with good quality) and reasonable price. What so interesting is that this Japanese restaurant is actually owned by a Korean man. It sounds weird, rite? I know, guys! But at least these Koreans are serving us nice foods. So the long queue is definitely worth to wait! If you don’t wanna wait, then i reckon you to arrive there at about 6 o’clock. Alright, you may found a lot of salmons down there because i’m a fan of salmon hahahaa.

(i) Scallop sushi:
It seems like a bit hard to have scallop in Perth, at least with the good quality and reasonable price. They slightly grilled a bit and the sauce is just so match with the scallop. Woohoooo i like it.

Scallop sushi ($14.8)
Scallop sushi ($14.8)

(ii) California roll:
Just average to me because i’m not a huge fan of California roll.

Callifornia roll ($13.5)
California roll ($13.5)

(iii) Chef’s tasting salmon platter:
actually they’re just grouping all the sushi that have salmon in there. So, salmon fans, just go for it. Absolutely a worth!

Chef's tasting salmon platter
Chef’s tasting salmon platter ($22)

(iv) Combination sushi and sashimi:
One dish of it, together with another sushi roll, it’s kinda full for 2 persons already.

Combination sushi and sashimi ($20)
Combination sushi and sashimi ($20)

(v) Salmon sashimi:
Again, reasonable price with good quality. Go for it, salmon fans!!!!!!!!!!

Salmon sashimi (9pc) ($15.8)
Salmon sashimi (9pc) ($15.8)

(vi) Grilled salmon sushi:
I feel like this is the tastiest sushi in the menu. My eyes were like blinking after the first bite.

Grilled salmon sushi (6pc) ($13)
Grilled salmon sushi (6pc) ($13)

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