Night Noodles Market @EQ

Night Noodles Market
Elizabeth Quey

Night Noodles Market has revived Elizabeth Quay since the end of its opening water light show. It has so much fun going on in the market, fusion, traditional, local, international foods are all collaborated to make EQ shines every night. Types of food are just too many to be counted. You name it!! Bar featuring heart beating music is present at the market as well. Come down and celebrate the glory of food at EQ together!!!

(1) Strawberry watermelon cake:
The cake was so refreshing and what impressed me the most was the real watermelon haha. It makes the cake so special. The texture from all the elements worked so well and turned it so awesome.

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Strawberry watermelon cake ($9)

(2) Cake Smash Gelato:
It was like turning the strawberry watermelon cake into an ice cream. But it did work out! Really love the combination between the rose flavor and the watermelon chunks.

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Watermelon Cake Smash Gelato ($9)

(3) Peking Duck Fries:
Oh my god the fries was so crispy and yummy especially you tasted with the Peking Duck sauce. At the same time, the duck was so tender and nice. Love it.

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Peking duck Fries ($15)

(4) Trifecta Bao:
The steamed buns were so soft and I like the pork belly most. The pork belly was so tender and the herbs did bring out the spark of the bao.

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Trifecta Bao ($20) – Fried Chicken, Pork Belly and Peking Duck

(5) Chicken and pork skewers:
The skewers were so perfect. They made it so on point that it didn’t overcook. You know, it always hard to cook a perfect chicken and pork belly especially now its a skewer. I am now missing it already.

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Chicken and pork skewers ($13)

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