Layup @Northbridge

197-199 Brisbane Street, Northbridge, Perth, WA

If you know me well, it was my third time to be here in Layup, a great cafe away from the bustle and hustle. I wonder, when did I start falling in love into this place? Probably since the day Layup has changed their all-day menu from a compacted one to the one offering a variety of choices. Choosing your own meal is like the hardest game you would ever play, because what you see from each table were a bunch of delicious and gorgeous dishes. I wonder again, how many times do I have to visit this place in order to try them all?

(1) Brioche doughnut balls:
If you’re starving, I urge you not to order these five balls. They could make you MORE hungry because the sugar and sourness in it trigger cravings. They were great snacks after all.

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Brioche doughnut balls || salted caramel, orange zest chantilly cream, crushed pistachio, shaved chocolate, candied citrus ($18)

(2) Sweet crepes:
The sweet crepes were basic, soft and delicious. This is subjective when it comes to the thickness of crepe. For me, I would say this was a little thicker than I expected. But crepes were about the same thickness which left me a good impression.

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Sweet crepes || hazelnut praline, house chocolate sauce, coconut ice cream, powdered sugar ($20)

(3) Layup loaded hot dog:
This hot dog looked appealing when it came all the way down with the hospitability waitress. It lied with the perfect combo of sauce and pickles, it ended up to be fresh and non-greasy. Fries were incredibly crispy and flavourful.

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Layup loaded hot dog || smoked bacon wrapped kranski, pork crackling, house pickle, relish, mustard ($16.5)

(4) Ham-burger:
Here is another non-greasy dish again! With the grilled pineapple and lettuce in between the toasted buns and perfectly grilled ham steak, crunchy onion rings, it was satisfying on the public holiday.

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Ham-burger || grilled ham steak, pineapple, lettuce, chipotle mayo ($18.5)

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