Bib&Tucker @Freo

Bib & Tucker
18 Leighton Beach Boulevard, North Fremantle, Fremantle, Perth, WA

It was my third time to be here in Bib&Tucker. Nevertheless, this was my very first time to sit down properly for a dining experience in this beautiful cafe situated along the beach. The first impression towards Bib&Tucker still stays in my mind after a year. A first step taking into this fancy restaurant, hospitability waitresses came for a welcoming greet. Then, started looking around, seeing the wine wall cabinet. Walking and following the friendly waitress straight down to the restaurant for your table tonight, you would be attracted by the 180 degrees of uninterrupted views of the coastline and the stunning Indian Ocean. Under the brilliant overlooking view, we ordered the hand cut chips which sound unromantic. I knew it! Therefore, we both agreed to be back for a perfect dinner to celebrate our anniversary.
NB: Online reservations are available.

Unfortunately, for the second time, we failed to make it because this place was totally packed. We tried to call them for table reservation but the fact was no one received the calls. So, we decided to go there straight away to check out our luck. Sadly, tables were all full. So, we immediately made a reservation for the next day at 5:30pm.

And now, I am introducing you my third experiences in this well-known restaurant, Bib&Tucker. This place is still filling with hospitability waitresses, a lot of diners, situating next to the brilliant Indian Ocean. And my eyes are still getting lost on the menu which provides a wide variety of choices, as well as the well-presented and delicious dishes. And I actually promised myself to be back again for the breakfast menu.

The prawns were obviously crispy and yummy, especially when you eat with the kimchi mayonnaise. The kimchi smell was not strong at all, so kimchi haters can still give it a try. I would highly recommend you to order the prawns with no shells as that may hurt your mouth. Although these shells are edible and taste more crunchy after you deep fried it, I don’t enjoy being cut.

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Crispy Clarence River SCHOOL PRAWNS, fried garlic, kimchi mayonnaise ($16)

(2) Turkish PIDE:
The Turkish pide tasted good because it served with pomegranate. Together with the mint salad, it gave the perfect freshness to the Turkish pide.

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Turkish spiced chicken and haloumi PIDE, pomegranate, nigella and mint salad ($26)

(3) Seared KANGEROO:
I have to admit the fact that this was my first time to try the kangaroo meat. Anyone here agrees that kangaroo meat tastes like beef?  Anyways, the chef turned this piece of meat to perfection with a beautiful pink inside. If one thing to comment, I don’t like the yellow fruit aside which wasn’t really match. Generally, it was awesome.

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Seared KANGAROO, beach succulents, beetroots, zaatar, labne ($29)

(4) Woodfired LAMB RUMP:
This  lamb rump was fantastic with a strong smell of woodfire, wafting all the way up from the kitchen to our table. This tender lamb rump was beautifully cooked and perfectly combined with the greens and black barley risotto.

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Woodfired LAMB RUMP, winter peas, chickweed, black barley risotto ($33)

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