Odyssea @City Beach

Odyssea Beach Cafe
187 Challenger Parade, City Beach, Perth, WA

Under the warm sunshine, cosy sea breeze, splashing sea waves, you know you have chosen the right place to start off your day. Odyssea brings another new dining experience along the stunning coastline.

Pushed the glass door and welcomed by the gentle waiter, leading you to your table for two. Sitting on the bench and being amazed by that sophisticated beachside fare. At that moment, my eyes were my camera, capturing this uninterrupted coastline with no filters. Apparently, this place was taking my breath away. Then, the beautiful waitress brought me back to the reality and asked us for drinks. We started reading the menu and quickly ordered two dishes to stop our belly from making any weird noises.

(1) Prosciutto di Parma:
Choose this dish because I was craving for Prosciutto at that moment. It seems like having Prosciutto on the menu is rare, so I’ve decided to go for a try. It wasn’t disappointed at all. It tasted so delicious that all the components worked so well together. The poached egg was cooked beautifully with golden yellow egg yolk. But this dish was slightly greasy to me and therefore I couldn’t finish it all.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Prosciutto di Parma || radicchio jam, blue cheese mascarpone, toasted sourdough, 65°C poached egg ($17)

(2) Lamb shoulder hash:
This dish tasted delicious but it was another greasy dish again. The green veggie on top couldn’t reduce the oiliness of this dish because the greens itself were so oily as well. Anyways, the lamb was flavoursome and it tasted nice with the greens.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Lamb shoulder hash || courgette, pea, coriander, fried egg , harissa hollandaise ($22)

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