Lezat @Willeton

5/48 Rostrata Avenue, Willeton, Perth, WA

Waking up felt like laksa, so, why not? Lezat is a hidden gem situated in a tranquil shopping centre of Willetton. If you’re looking for a place with fancy interior and exterior, Lezat is definitely not your place! It looks like a typical Asian restaurant, tacky and old. But let me tell you, your apprehensive will be in vain because most of the time, authentic and delicious Asian foods are coming out from this kind of places. This isn’t really a culture thing. As a catering company, food should always be the top priority. Lezat has successfully achieved this, looks a bit dive but foods are awesome.

(1) Curry Laksa:
I am not a big fan of laksa, neither a Malaysian, so if you’re asking me is this authentic? I don’t know. But this restaurant was introduced by my uncle who is from Malaysia. Is this an authentic curry laksa then? Let’s decide this yourself. To us, their laksa was so delicious that I wish I could go there right away now. It got sufficient ingredients on top, with rich and spicy curry coconut soup base. Do give this a try when you get there.

Photo 8-12-2016, 12 15 11 PM.jpg
Curry Laksa ($9.9)

(2) Fish Wing Soup with vermicelli:
This dish told you the main reason why I was there. When I first tried the fish fillet soup with vermicelli in PappaRich, it reminded me the taste of my mum’s fish soup. So I told my uncle about this. He, as a Malaysian, he is the one who recommended me to be here. Sometimes you just feel like eating healthy, and here you are a clear fish soup! By the way, this soup also came with three pieces of fish wings. So all together is $9.9.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Fish Wing Soup with vermicelli ($9.9)

(3) Fried fish wings:
You can also order these fish wings separately for $6 only. These skillfully-fried wings were awesome, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. By the way, don’t worry about the bones! Lezat turns it to perfection that some small bones are edible. Trust me, you gotta love it!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
3 Pieces Fried Fish Wing ($6)

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